About FIBC Bag Store

The FIBC Bag Store sells new FIBC containers for a wide range of applications.

Our management has been in the construction and moving supply industry for over 30 years. With this experience in mind you can expect nothing but the best. Located in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex you can expect great service and fast shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We have scoured the globe for the best quality and top of the line FIBC bulk bags. We source all of our bags from the most premiere manufacturers and inspect every bag individually. Each and every shipment is handled personally to insure it meets our high quality standards.
  • Many of our competitors have so many choices they have let their standards slip. We keep our selection small to ensure top quality with every bag.
  • We keep all of our bags in stock and can ship out immediately so that you can avoid any type of work stoppage.

What Makes Our Bags Different?

  • All of our bags have a UV inhibitor additive but FIBC bags are better stored in a dry, indoor location if needed to store product for a long period of time (more than 60 days).
  • All of our bags have a 5:1 safety factor.
  • Where applicable we have a 2” safety perimeter band around the top double sewn seam.
  • Professional grade, heavy duty polypropylene material with UV inhibitors.
  • Most of our bags include a document pouch.
  • When applicable our bags have a extra generous length duffel tips with built in ties.
  • All of our bags are made with heavier material and built to last and with stand almost all of your needs. 

Shipping and Handling Policy:

On orders that are made during business hours 8 am – 5 pm Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday, we aim to process and ship out all orders within 24-48 Hours.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call. 

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